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Modoc Contracting Company, Inc. was established in 1975. The company has advanced to become a familiar commercial contracting business throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. We have completed numerous jobs both as a General Contractor and as a Subcontractor. We have been the CM/GM on at least 12 jobs within the last few years. Many other projects have been completed successfully under the competitive bid process. 

A majority of the commercial construction projects that have been completed over the last 35 years in the Klamath Basin involved us in some capacity. Whether managing the projects as a General Contractor, as a Construction Manager, or performing select divisions as a Subcontractor, Modoc Contracting filled an integral role in a large percentage of them. 

Modoc Contracting consistently employs a team of 11 management level personnel and maintains an average crew size of 40 tradesmen and laborers. This team is spread out on multiple projects throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. 

At Modoc Contracting Inc., the phrase “On time and under budget” is more than a byword. It’s a mandate. Project timeliness and project cost control are interdependent, one cannot be consistently achieved without the other. Our clients trust us to take their projects from concept to reality, being sure to stay under the cost projections and within the project schedules we provide.

Subcontractor Management: This is again a unique advantage found working with Modoc Contracting. Our long experience working extensively as both a subcontractor and as a general contractor gives us singular ability to understand the needs of subcontractors. We excel at bringing a group of contractors together, not as subordinates, but as team members who become dedicated to the timely and cost effective completion of a project. A quick phone call to any of 30+ local contractors that mostly subcontract work in the Basin will tell the story; the vast majority enjoy working with and for us, they enjoy being well informed and involved in design and they enjoy being paid on time, a policy we never allow to lapse. 
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Larry Mann

“The man who can build anything,” Larry has led Modoc Contracting from the beginning. The phrase ‘from the ground up’ applies not only to the residential and commercial buildings he’s overseen but also to his role in the company itself, building the corporation he still owns and manages. 

The first homes the company built in the 70’s were under his direction. A hands-on manager even today, Larry usually be found moving dirt with his excavator or lining out a crew of carpenters and laborers to begin the next project. His skill, expertise and people management abilities have been the backbone of this company for nearly 40 years. 

Larry Trotter

Careful, detail oriented, and extraordinarily talented, Larry Trotter has been co-owner of Modoc Contracting since its beginning. For more than 20 years he specialized in managing the painting and decorating divisions of this company. 

The company’s California license for this work still bears his name, a testament to the dedication, expertise and customer service he’s brought to the table over the years.

While most of his current focus is in caring for foster children, he still finds time to involve himself in the financial and administrative oversight of the company he invested in, built and managed. 
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David Lockwood

David has been a part of Modoc Contracting for 21 years. His numerous years in the industry give him an abundance of experience, both in the field and in the office. 

David will allocate financial resources and will formulate an appropriate group of team members for this individual project. He also works with project teams in both the pre-construction phase and the construction phase ensuring accuracy of the project. 

He is also in charge of materials and ensuring that they are ordered and correct. David’s skills and expertise over the years gives him the ability to enhance the construction team and ensure that it’s performing at an exceptional level.

Jude Marchessault

Jude has been with Modoc Contracting for 20 years. He has extensive experience with a wide range of projects and is aware of the demands of ground up-construction. 

He is a LEED Professional with Building Design and Construction Specialty and a Certified Healthcare Contractor. As project manager, Jude will coordinate with the project team to ensure the project is completed on time and within the budget.

He will provide on-site leadership and management. Jude will also confirm constructability with the design team and be in communication with all members of the team to do whatever is necessary to make the project a success.
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